Friday, January 28, 2011

Introduction post

I suppose this is where a blog begins.  Introductions are nice I but nothing too personal for me at first anyway.  So, like most people here, I have a story to tell,  a situation to gripe about, or just a plain desire to vent frantically when life throws a handfull of lemons-- with desperate cry for validation, of course.

I'm a single mom of an almost 13 year old boy who is my everything. I have joint custody with his father, unconventional for some people, I know but it really works most of the time. My son doesn't have to chose between the two people in the world that love him the most and I don't have to raise him without a father.  Deadbeat as he may be. 

I have several really great friends and two best friends. One of which is the subject of a lot of my frustrations and will also be the subject of a lot of my posts here.  I'm a busy person.  Work nights, sleep days.  Evenings are reserved for being domestic and the occasional night out.  I enjoy live music. (Anything red dirt gives me an exciting chill.)  I'm a very musical person.  I sing pretty good but hide it for fear of ridicule.  I believe that every situation in my life deserves background music and on some days, the sound of a particular song can set my heart on fire.

This is my life.  And as crazy as it appears, I love it. 
(background song for the day:  "This is the story of a girl"