Saturday, May 21, 2011

Excited .....Nervous.... Confused?

It's official,  we are leaving for vacation in 5 days!  Unless of course, all of the whackos are right when they say the apocolypse is going to happen today.  (for the record, I highly doubt it. In my bible, it doesn't mention anything about the return of Christ happening 5/21/2011.)  I keep thinking about this over and over in my head and undoubtably driving Amy nuts calling and asking her silly questions i.e. how much room is in the back of your van?  This should be vacation for pete's sake and all I keep thinking about are the stupid details.  Yeah, I'm nervous.  I haven't seen them all in 10 years.  I'm older, fatter, divorced and subsequently - wiser, I should think. 

So here is the reservation I'm having: I spoke to my sister Cari yesterday and she wants to see me but only if my donor isn't around.  Apparently last time she was there to see him she'd just had a baby and he commented that she'd gotten fat. Well I say piss on him!  One derrogatory statement --- ONE and we're gone.  There's a whole lot of Texas we can see and we are not under any obligation to stay there!  I do want to give him the benefit of the doubt first though.  They are making a huge to-do over our coming.  Family reunion, bbq, boating, fishing, tubing...the works!  I'm trying not to be discouraged but I am me, a notorious sabatoger.

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  1. Just chill - and you know what? Even if there is a smart remark made, just let it slide. Life is too short to stress over something stupid that someone said.

    We are going to have fun, there will be room in the van, and everything is going to be fine, I promise!

    Besides, just think of the blog entries that we'll have by the end of the trip!!

    5 days, baby!!!