Monday, May 23, 2011


If it weren't enough for my boss the hours I ALREADY worked,  he decided that I should be "ordered" to stay over in the morning due to someone callling in sick.  I have worked way too many hrs this week and then to top it off, I didn't get more than 3 hrs of sleep today due to the weather.  (Gotta love living in tornado alley!).  Im just really frustrated that no one else would answer the phone when he called them and he then decided to text me,  knowing full well that I'd recieve it.  It's just not fair and I'm gonna whine about it.  Damnit! I didnt mind working alll the OT they would give me when I was on days but not night shift. 

And the other issue here is that my best friend is the one that called in sick.  Again.  I don't know if she's really sick or not.  I mean, yeah she has health problems and pretty bad ones to boot but when you get shafted on your schedule week after week, one tends to think the worst of even the best people.  I told her the other day when I had to work the 20 hr shift, that I wasn't mad at her but she better go to the hospital and guess what....she didn't!  Instead she chose to lay in her bed and text me about how bad she felt when i havent slept more than 2 or 3 hrs in 72 hours. In this line of work, it's dangerous to go without sleep.  I'm responsible for too many people's lives to be nodding off!  

Maybe I just really am burned out.  

On another note, the donor came through (didnt think he would...AMAZING) and sent me some money to come down there on.  AND...hold you hats ppl...the roomate is giving me money tomorroww to pay some bills!  I thought armagedon had actually came and the idiot who predicted it was just wrong on his mathematics!  Maybe, just maybe, the talk we had last week worked...this will be 2 weeks in a row he's given me money.  Whoooaaaa....things may be looking up on the home front. :)

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